Hi guys ! 🌺
I was so busy with getting my Master Esthetician licence and this summer happened a lot of unexpected things ~ was very busy! 👀

But !
This month I was preparing something exciting for you🎐❤ It is so cool to be trilingual, doesn’t matter where I go – I always get a job. So do you , right !? If not, change it today ! Learn one more language (Russian or Japanese). I will be your Japanese language tutor, not a lot of people knows – that Japanese has 3 letters of writing. Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Very beautiful and interesting language.🎏 For those people who don’t know my story – I was born in Sakhalin, Russia. It is a very beautiful island (takes about 8 hr to fly to Moscow). It is only 2 hours away from Japan by airplane! I was growing up by finishing both schools at the same time, Japanese and Russian. From age 4-13 I spent in Japan, I went to kindergarten, high school and when I got to the age 13, I started to forget Russian 🙀 and we made a decision that I’m going to finish only Russian school, at that moment it was more important, but I still continued education in Japan (4 months a year) and I had a tutor in Russia every week. When I turned 18, I moved back to Tokyo and went to ABK language college to get my Japanese language to the business level, after 1 year of course ~ I took 日本語能力試験 (noreku shiken) and passed 😍 🌺 I would love to meet you and let’s open together the doors to the beautiful culture and language. 💮Feel free to contact me via here DM or email: makeupbypolina@gmail.com pmanannikovaa@gmail.com
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