Who we are


I have been passionate about beauty ever since childhood. At 7 years old I would force my entire family, dog included, to play “Polina’s SPA,” and at 14 years old I had started my first online business selling Japanese and Korean cosmetics. I always knew I wanted to follow a path in the beauty industry, and I was very determined to make it happen.

I then started to do makeup for my classmates, and I remembered the first day i was “hired” to do my friend’s makeup for her 16th Birthday party. Ever since then I was hooked. After posting to social media people started to contact me online, and before I knew it I was hustling all across town doing makeup for people and events!

Everything I made went into savings for education, and I finally got accepted and received two Diplomas at Makeup Academy school in Russia, getting certified as a Make Up Stylist &Wedding Make up Artist.

Circumstances forced my family to move to Japan, and as I continued education in Tokyo, I would continue to work on the side for shows, parties, model castings, weddings, and more. When I was 19 years old I moved to the United States where I continued to study and work.

I large part of my drive and passion for beauty is my own history with acne. I was very self-conscious about it and I hated it. For years I was trying to research the solution, and eventually I discovered my acne was caused due to genetic hormonal imbalance. I came to the realization it was more than just finding a good cosmetic brand, but my solution would be a lifestyle choice.

I wanted to dive deeper into everyone’s desire, including my own, to be be beautiful, and the first lesson I learned was that beauty starts from within- with your health. I started to study nutrition and adjusted my diet. I also knew I wanted to learn the deeper science behind skincare, and in 2018 I got my Esthetician license at The Euro Institute of Skin Care. I loved every aspect of what I was learning, and I found a deep satisfaction in sharing my knowledge and helping others who suffer with similar skin conditions. I knew this was my path, and after passing my exams I immediately enrolled and got my license as a Master Esthetician at TheWashington Laser Institute.

There are so many fallacies, misconceptions, and a lack of honesty in the beauty industry.

There is no “quick-fix” solution to skin care & beauty- it is a journey and a process. My passion and drive is to inspire others to join me on this path to being everlastingly more healthy and beautiful!