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Every morning I start from meditation and end the long day with it as well

While I do meditation, I like to massage my face (ofcourse why not) and omg 😍 @herbivorebotanicals you guys ! 😍 I’m so happy that I finally purchased this products! A m a z i n g ! . . So far my favorite one is #Emerald, mine doesn’t include the actual #cbc in it (I want this one as…

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Wanted to share with you some tips that helped me to go through 2018

Do not care about what they have and you don’t, because it won’t make you happy. But to love your own self and understanding the purpose of life, will drive in the real happiness, which will lead you to a cheerful life. Do not take things too seriously – laugh at problems. (BIG lesson I learned myself in 2018). In…

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