Skin Care

Euro Institute of skin care

Passion about the skin 👩🏻‍⚕️ Selfie at my fav school 💕 Euro Institute of skin care – is the strongest esthetics school in #washington ! 📝 Can’t wait to achieve my goals and become Master Esthéticien! 💉 🔬 💉 🔬 #estheticianlife #seattleesthetician #seattlemakeupartist #esthetician #masteresthetician 🙌🏻

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No filters, just after shower

No filters, just after shower with my must have ~ @glamglow mask. To glow like a Queen 💁🏻🔐 Ladies ! You should always protect your skin, UV light are everywhere and so bad for your skin. Just take care of your skin today and tomorrow I’ll see less people at my studio with hypopigmentation / hyperpigmentation 😕 Other than the…

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So happy to announce! 🏝

Polina Rose Professional Skin Care will be offering microcurrent cervises from 2019 🙌 It is a skin rejuvenation method that focuses on reducing fine lines and wrinkles, restoring a toned, healthy and younger look to your skin. 🏝 How does Microcurrent work? Microcurrent helps stimulate and tone face muscles using electrical stimulation. The treatment uses low level of electrical current…

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