I remember how stressful last year was, especially this time of the year. I would go to school leaving my house by 7 am and be back by 5 pm. I would go straight to library and stay there till 11 pm, I said NO to all my family, all my friends who wanted to hang out with me , I said NO to my lover ! We would not see each other that often. I was working part-time 4 times a week after school shifts from 6 pm – 10pm and go home, study and repeat. Last year I took working shifts on the New Year Eve, because I had to work to keep up my life. (And lol it was not a double pay 🀣).

Because only you can understand the responsibilities while you are a student. That you have to keep up your score above 76% or the University will say to you “goodbuy, we don’t care and all your money and time is just waisted.”

But today, after finishing both schools Euro & Master Esthetician program at WLI, passing both state boards.. I finally started to feel like myself, emotional body is healing , because I surround myself with love and kindness πŸ¦‹

If you are going through a hard time right now – it won’t last forever, you will achieve a new page in your life ! To get to a new level of success – it’s never easy, you have to manage your time wise and commit yourself to set your goals and a way how to get there !

Be you !

Sometimes life really gives you lemon, I won’t say if so go drink tequila since I can’t stand this drink hehe and I don’t drink in general. But life sometimes really sucks, when I finally graduated school last year and was the most happiest girl ever, right after I received my Diploma one woman hit me on a highway and run ! And guess what, I started to sue her and she started to sue me back, so insurance said that the fault is on the both sides. So you just have to learn how to let it go sometimes ~

Remember, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger πŸ€—

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